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GTA 4 for PC releases on DEC 1st

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PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV is to be released on Dec 1st

Yesterday we heard about the game's activation process and true to Rockstar's word, the game cannot be played until next week - SecuROM simply won't let you activate it until then. A different manual to the console versions is supplied with the game, which ships in an outer cardboard sleeve surrounding a regular plastic DVD case.

The game data is on two DVDs. You're required to have 16GB of free space on your hard drive in order to install so those who are buying digital versions should be prepared for a long wait for their data to download from the internet.
"SecuROM offers a diverse toolset to publishers to help safeguard their IP and interests. Vocal 'board posters' seem to be most down on the SecuROM feature that limits the number of installations. But this SecuROM functionality is really nothing different than what iTunes has used for years now."
The disc-based version of the game can be installed on an unlimited number of computers at a time, while buyers from services like Steam or Direct2Drive will only be able to install on a maxmium of 5 machines simultaneously. All versions of the game must be activated once per machine before play, and the company says that it has a contingency plan for users who don't have an internet connection - visit a website.

In addition to SecuROM, the game will also fill your drive with 16GB of game and other data including versions of Adobe Flash, Internet Explorer, DirectX, Games for Windows LIVE and the Microsoft .net framework.


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